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Based in Clermont, Fla., IT Solutions Group, Inc. (ITSG) has established itself as a premier leader and educator in high availability (HA)/disaster recovery (DR) solutions for IBM i systems. With decades of combined IBM i HA and disaster recovery DR experience, the experts at ITSG know the solutions, the strategies and the pitfalls when it comes to preventing downtime and data loss at your company. 

An IBM Business Partner, ITSG is a recognized presence offering a wide array of HA/DR solutions and services for the IBM i environment including Maxava HA, Robot HA, IBM PowerHA, Laservault, HA Assessments, IBM i OS upgrades, systems management, data migrations and technical services.

ITSG operates two SAS70 world class data centers in Chicago, Ill., and Orlando, Fla., providing colocation/housing services, DR testing, DR Backup Services, DR operations and OS testing.

With decades of combined IBM i HA/DR experience, ITSG’s technical team also collaborates with IBM and most recently helped in the creation of the current edition IBM Redbooks series: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i.

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