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Have a need to move fast growing mainframe cloud applications to faster more efficient z/VM and Linux on IBM Z disk storage, but facing a SLA service level objective (SLO) of continuous availability with no application downtime? Let FDRPASVM move your z/VM and Linux on IBM Z data to new more efficient disk storage hardware, while your cloud business applications continue nonstop, with no downtime.
FDRPASVM, employing proven FDRPAS (for z/OS) technology, brings all of the benefits of non-disruptive DASD volume migration to z/VM and Linux on IBM Z. Monitoring z/VM system and virtual machine guests’ updates, FDRPASVM enables the non-disruptive migration of volumes containing z/VM mini-disks, full pack mini-disks, page and spool volumes, CP-owned volumes, volumes dedicated for CMS users as well as Linux IBM Z guest file systems.
FDRPASVM is a hardware vendor independent solution, with zHPF support, that copies the content of z/VM system and Linux application volumes, capturing updates in real time, then employing zHyperSwap system services to non-disruptively redirect all z/VM system and Linux application I/O to the new storage hardware, on the fly, while Linux on IBM Z cloud business applications continue unaware of the migration to the new storage hardware.
FDRPASVM is a fast, efficient, easy-to-use, non-disruptive DASD volume migration solution for SSI and non-SSI z/VM systems, smaller to larger volume migration, the capability to redistribute disk volumes for on the fly DASD system load balancing, creation of point-in-time backup copies of volumes as well as extensive simulation with health-check reporting for pre-swap planning and validation. Employing z/OS and z/VM system services, FDRPASVM is a z/VM migration companion to FDRPAS for z/OS, which is available with or without licensing the full z/OS migration capabilities of FDRPAS.

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FDRPASVM is a fast, efficient, easy-to-use, non-disruptive z/VM system and Linux on z Systems application DASD volume migration solution.