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Dino-Software Corporation (Dino-Software) develops z/OS enterprise solutions for the optimization of complex IT environments and z/OS storage management. In 2002, we released our vanguard product, T-REX. We quickly established ourselves as specialists within the z/OS mainframe technology space. Dino-Software products include ICF catalog, z/OS storage management, VSAM record management and disaster recovery. Over time, Dino-Software engineers have authored over 25 products, saving our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Dino-Software technology.

The development teams at Dino-Software consist of specialists from both the performance and storage groups. Their initial mission was to design and develop a new catalog management product that eliminated the limitations of older technology. They engineered one of the fastest, most comprehensive catalog management product available, “T-REX,” and it rapidly went on to sell more copies, in less time, than any other catalog management product released. T-REX remains a substantial leap forward in ICF catalog technology, containing the functionality of at least six stand-alone (and separately priced) products in the market.

Dino-Software followed this early success with an array of new, innovative products. Our portfolio encompasses the areas of performance tuning, storage optimization, data, communications security, and z/OS storage management. This formula of producing superior products at a reasonable cost, all backed up by firs- class support from industry experts, has allowed Dino-Software to enjoy unprecedented growth and rapidly establish Dino-Software technology as a gold standard in z/OS management solutions for the enterprise.

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