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ThruPut Manager is industry-leading batch automation software for modern z/OS* JES2 data centers. It automates and simplifies batch, which is typically 20 - 40 percent of overall workload, resulting in lower costs and increased efficiencies.

ThruPut Manager automation delivers: 
  • Workload demand management, balancing and capacity management
  • Compliance with corporate service level policies and standards
  • Nine-month ROI plus ongoing savings in operating costs
ThruPut Manager gives operations staff confidence to implement LPAR group capacity and defined capacity limits, knowing that ThruPut Manager can automatically analyze the 4-hour rolling average (4HRA) and take corrective actions to ensure smooth operations during and after the peak period. Even without caps in place, ThruPut Manager can reduce demand and save on the monthly license charge (MLC).
The introduction of LPAR Sets to the Automated Capacity Management (ACM) feature of ThruPut Manager allows installations to group LPARs into sets with assigned limits, providing a flexible means to ensure capacity is delivered when and where it’s needed, thereby controlling CPU consumption where it provides the most financial benefit.
With ThruPut Manager, your data center can enjoy savings from reduced MSU demand, 4HRA peak performance reliability with deferred batch workload, efficiencies found in automated workload balancing, and operational benefits from comprehensive batch service level management. Installations with CA Workload Automation CA 7* Edition can enjoy automated production control services.
ThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate data centers to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, education, government and retail. A proud Partner in Development with IBM, MVS Solutions has delivered ThruPut Manager for nearly 30 years.
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