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Compuware empowers the world’s largest companies to excel in the digital economy by fully leveraging their high-value mainframe investments. We do this by delivering highly innovative solutions that uniquely enable IT professionals with mainstream skills to manage mainframe applications, data and platform operations.
We understand that mainframe applications, data and processing power are more important than ever. But IT budgets are tight, and the industry is losing key mainframe staff. Compuware delivers innovative solutions to uniquely empower developers, data analysts and ops staff—from the most experienced COBOL veterans to the newest millennial hires—to perform mainframe-related tasks with confidence, excellence and efficiency.
As an agile organization, we provide a steady stream of innovation in the form of net new capabilities and enhancements to our existing product portfolio each quarter—without exception. Our products improve developer productivity, code quality, application performance and data security, all while providing a path to mainframe agility and speeding application delivery through agile source code management and release automation.
To empower customers to “mainstream the mainframe,” we provide a complimentary, Eclipse-based integrated development environment. Our solutions also integrate with popular agile/DevOps tools, so your mainframe and non-mainframe teams can work together as one. Integrations are with vendors and/or open-source technologies such as SonarSource, Jenkins and XebiaLabs. These capabilities make mainframe application development less esoteric and more attractive to the next generation of developers.
The value doesn’t stop with our solutions and technology integrations. Compuware customers also gain access to world-class customer support. Additionally, customers can participate in our Value Improvement Program (VIP), an exclusive, evidence-based program designed to help qualify, quantify and maximize the value derived from our solutions. VIP analyses provide access to metrics that show how our products are used at your site with recommendations for improving usage to make the most of our solutions.

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