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CM First builds the most reliable, rapid and cost-effective software tools to optimize and transform enterprise applications. CM First products and services empower IBM mainframe and midrange application users to advance their enterprise code in the new digital economy, focusing on custom applications written in COBOL, RPG, Java and CA 2E (Synon), as well as other languages.
For organizations enhancing or replacing these applications, CM First offers advanced code comprehension, business rule mining and transformation software that reduces engineering costs by up to 80 percent. The technology can analyze millions of lines of program code, jobs and tables with compiler accuracy. Code slicing technology presents a new way to navigate code visually.
For systems integrators facing low-cost competition, CM First software increases project margins and improves project estimation accuracy by enabling a profitable and fixed price commercial model.
CM First has served the IBM i and IBM Z communities since 1999 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with additional offices in Europe.

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