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BMC AMI for Security (including the formerly CorreLog products) enables clients to automatically monitor and secure their mainframe systems and data to help more easily satisfy many of their compliance requirements.  Now you can easily deliver on your growing security and compliance requirements and ensure your business continuity, secure your systems and data against unauthorized access, protect against malicious data loss, corruption or ransomware and prevent security breaches.
BMC AMI for Security is committed to delivering software solutions for Security and Compliance auditing professionals who need more advanced network/system security and improved adherence to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, GDPR, ISO 27001, IRS Pub. 1075, NERC and other industry standards for protecting data. BMC AMI for Security solutions are designed to be complementary to clients’ existing IT investments.
The BMC SIEM Solutions in the BMC AMI for Security product suite:

  • Enable Enterprise SIEMs to Easily Monitor Mainframe Environments
  • Extend real-time visibility into the mainframe
  • Provide up-to-the-second security notifications for faster remediation in the event of a breach
  • Present security teams with a 360-degree perspective on threat activity
BMC SIEM Solutions help secure data across both mainframe and distributed OSes, and provide alerts with notifications in real-time to security and network operations resources. These solutions were developed by working with companies across from Fortune 500 to SMB, all of which can benefit from ease of installation and highly interoperable approach to building software that is simple to use and master out of the box. Customers are up and running with monitoring and alerts within just a few hours, versus weeks or even months with competing enterprise vendor solutions. BMC SIEM Solutions software agent monitoring technology spans from Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, SAP, and databases all the way up to the largest mainframes with running IBM z/OS*, Linux on IBM Z, IBM* Db2, IBM IMS* and IBM® z/VM.
BMC AMI for Security has installed software and framework components used successfully by hundreds of commercial and government organizations worldwide. Core solutions provide visibility on privileged-user activity, data integrity, FIM and application activity that may hold evidence of cyber threat, and in real time, we notify security personnel with alerts in accordance with compliance standards.

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