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June 29, 2016

In the few months since the IBM i 7.3 announcement, many of us have been traveling to conferences and user group meetings, participating in virtual conferences or hosting webinars, and some of us have even been writing blogs. (OK, not me so much on that last one, but the rest of it, for sure.)

At the same time, people you don’t normally hear about have been busy creating new material for the messages we want to share about IBM i. Today, I’ll highlight a few of those items, though some of you will undoubtedly have seen them.

The IBM i Home Page


The first thing to mention is the refreshed look for the IBM i home page on

The page (which has existed for a long, long time and should be the first place you look to find out what IBM is saying about IBM i) has a new look, with graphics, photos and links to information you can share with people who need to know more about IBM i. In fact, several of the other items I want to mention today are right there, on the page. For example:

The “Become an IT Legend” Video


A bit of a “commercial” for how using IBM i can make you a legend in your own time, “the Norm video” has made the rounds of the Spring conferences, and has been spread through Twitter, but it has a nice semi-permanent home on the IBM i home page. But just in case it’s replaced by something else, here’s the link to the video on the ibmpowersystems YouTube channel. It’s only 35 seconds long, but it really captures one of the characteristics of IBM i shops: just a few people--maybe even just one--can do it all, using IBM i.

The IBM i Strategy & Roadmap Whitepaper


Again, the home for this refreshed paper is the IBM i home page--you should always go to that page to get the most recent version. We’ve updated the paper with roadmaps which include the new IBM i 7.3 release, including the updated version of the IBM i Support Roadmap, one of the clearest indicators of IBM’s commitment to the future of the operating system.


IBM i Customer References


Over the past few years, in an effort spearheaded by our IBM i Product Offering Manager, Alison Butterill, we have gathered a load of new IBM i customer references, as well as refreshing many of the stories from customers who have proudly touted their use of IBM i to run their organizations IT infrastructure. The IBM i home page has some quotes extracted from those references, as well as links to videos or pages which highlight specific customer success stories.

IBM i Social Tiles

In today’s social media world, one of the things IBM Marketing is doing is creating and spreading “tiles”: simple images which carry messages about IBM. There have been a bunch of IBM i tiles created in that marketing campaign, and if you have been following #IBMi on Twitter you’ve seen a number of them. Here are a couple of my favorites, which have been used to communicate the value of 7.3:


This first one focuses on the idea that people who have used the platform for years should take a fresh look, because IBM i has become something quite new and powerful, and the new capabilities are there because users requested them!


This second one talks about the key IBM i 7.3 features. Of course, every release has much more function than can be boiled down to one chart, but this image does hit the highlights, and it does it more succinctly than I did in my blog on the topic.

There have been a large number of these tiles, and I am trying to find a place to show them all to you--especially so those of you who might need them can use them yourself. Feel free to include them in presentations if you are asked to describe what IBM is doing with IBM i, for example.

More To Come

We had a Google hangout with Alison and several community members; we have Scott Forstie writing a series of articles about 7.3 function; our bloggers have been busy (again, present company excluded, but I’ve got about five topics in my queue, so perhaps I’ll get busy again!) And as I’ve been writing this entry, I’ve been exchanging Sametime messages with our marketing team about how to share the other social tiles, and they have responded immediately, putting the tiles associated with 7.3 in a Facebook album here:

It’s an exciting time to be working on IBM i. With all the help we’re getting creating new material and new looks for our messages, it’s easier than ever to be motivated to tell all of you about our latest innovations, as well as to work on the next batch!

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