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Win for IBM i – Nishii Paint Industry

November 27, 2012

NishiiAs I mentioned last time, IBM i has a very large presence in Japan. When I was visiting, I got to talk to several IBMers, customers and partners who were interested in telling me the stories of how important the platform is to their business. One of the stories I heard about is the subject of today’s blog. We all like hearing about “wins.” In this industry, we are in constant competition to show how our solutions are better for our customers than those they could get from the competition. When a customer looks at their options and decides to go with IBM i on Power Systems, that’s a “win.”

The customer in this case is Nishii Paint Industry Co. Ltd. They were profiled in an iMagazine article, but since most of my readers can’t read the original Japanese version, I thought I would give a few highlights.

Nishii Paint produces:

  • Paint, adhesives, building materials, sealants, waterproof resin relevant material, metal surface treatment
  • Painting and environmental pollution control equipment

They have more than 270 employees and have sales worth in excess of $200M annually. They had aging technology and needed to:

  • Replace an aging NEC PC server based sales support and warehouse applications
  • Rewrite 20-year-old Visual Basic applications

The solution they were going to select needed to be cost-effective and positioned for the future. They evaluated NEC, Hitachi, IBM and Fujitsu. The IBM Business Partner they worked with was Fukuoka Business Information (FBI) who helped deploy a cloud service on IBM i and Power 720, using ILE RPG for ERP, with a PHP/JavaScript user interface. One of the key attributes of IBM i that helped make this solution so attractive, according to the Nishii Paint CEO, was the IBM i investment protection – the assurance that program objects would not need to change as generations of hardware and operating systems changed.

Though it required a significant investment in software development, they are seeing monthly costs for their current solution that are 20 percent below their prior solution. The project took about 18 months, but the customer is very happy with the results. They expect to make back their investment in five years or less. And this project positioned them well to use mobile access while also making new business process implementation much easier.

This story, and others like it, illustrate why we work hard to keep enhancing IBM i to use the world-class architecture to support new capabilities. One of the best parts of my job is hearing about “wins” like this, because IBM i is helping another client get the job done. Another one of the best parts of my job is getting to tell stories like this to you. I hope you enjoyed it and can use it yourself.




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