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Telling the IBM i Story

December 8, 2011

Why i

Last time, I talked about the year-long growth of IBM i. One of the results of this growth is that we have more people than ever asking us about IBM i, wanting to know what makes it different and special.

Today, I want to point you to a few resources that can help if you get asked that question.

There are a couple of Web pages that describe the value of IBM i to people who are interested in learning the basics. First is a page that describes the advantages of IBM i from a business point of view, using messages that address basic business needs, easily accessed off of the main IBM i page in the IBM Power Systems website.

Second, I wrote a “New to IBM i” page for our developerWorks wiki, which gives a bit more history of IBM i and talks about the core technology features that differentiate this platform.

However, simply reading descriptions is often not enough, so I want to give you three more resources that might help.

The first, and the coolest (in my opinion), is the “IBM i: Designed for Business” video in which IBM i customers describe how IBM i helps them run their businesses. This five-minute video is excellent. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look.




The second is my current “Why i?” presentation. It is titled “IBM i – Designed for Business” and it contains the charts I use when I speak at conferences, or in client briefings, when I am trying to explain the technical differentiators of our platform, as well as telling long-time clients how we have transformed the platform to incorporate the latest technologies. This, like my “New to IBM i” page, is in developerWorks. (And if you’re interested, the presentation is linked off of the very dense, very helpful, IBM i wiki.)

Whi i - Designed for Business Title Page

Finally, I think I’ve mentioned it before, but as a reminder: I recorded a version of “Why i” almost two years ago now, and the IBM i Large User Group (LUG) carved it up into pieces and put that recording on YouTube. Here is the link to part 1. I should probably re-record this, using the current chart set, but even in its current form, it is useful for many people who have not heard me give the presentation, because it has the words behind the charts.

It’s always great to have a chance to tell people about our platform. I hope, after this blog, you will have some material which can help you tell that story successfully.




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