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Solution Editions for IBM i - JD Edwards & Turner Industries Group

July 10, 2012

Back in the late 1970s, IBM was producing systems the S/36 and S/38 for businesses that needed reliable computing. The success of those IBM systems, and their descendents, was closely tied to solutions produced by Independent Software Vendors.

In recognition of the key role ISV solutions play in our marketplace, and to help customers realize near-term value from purchasing IBM i and those solutions together, Solution Editions were created in 2010. By purchasing a Solution Edition, a customer can get the latest POWER, IBM i and ISV solution at a reduced price, and be assured that the level of stability they expect from the combined platform will provide excellent total cost of ownership. When Solution Editions were created, IBM naturally went to some of our most successful ISVs – first to define the concept, and then to create offerings.

The JD Edwards solution suite has a long history on IBM i. It came into existence at the very time those first midrange systems were introduced, and the partnership has been strong ever since. Yes, the relationship has undergone change – JD Edwards was acquired by PeopleSoft, which was then acquired by Oracle – but the support of the common customers continues, and new capabilities continue to be added for those customers. So it was natural that this would be one of the worldwide Solution Editions.

We have many excellent customer references from joint JD Edwards + IBM i installations, so today I wanted to highlight one of them – Turner Industries Group.

According to its websiteTurner Industries has provided a single vendor solution in heavy industrial construction, maintenance, pipe, module and vessel fabrication, equipment, rigging and heavy hauling, and associated specialty services for nearly 50 years.” Yes, like so many IBM i customers, they have a real business to run, and they just need a server and software to help them run it.

Turner Industries had these challenges:

  • Support the company’s projected growth
  • Deliver increased performance and reliability
  • Reduce maintenance costs and hardware footprint
  • Facilitate new application development and reporting

Its business partner, CMA Technology Solutions, worked to deliver this solution:

  • IBM Power 740 Solution Edition with IBM i and Oracle JD Edwards World
  • Solid State Disks
  • Capacity Backup
  • Rational Development Tools
  • IBM DB2 WebQuery

The new solution reduced server footprint by 66 percent, reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs – a clear answer to the challenges the customer listed. But it got much more than that, due to the advanced capabilities in IBM i, the Oracle JD Edwards solution, and the other IBM technologies it purchased.

Turner was able to centralize all backup, upgrades, operations and maintenance, improving its high availability and disaster recovery position. It did this while getting special prices associated with the Solution Edition, which reduced its initial solution cost over the alternative, as well as reducing its ongoing maintenance costs.

Tuner didn’t stop there, either. The company also invested in SSD technology, which reduced the runtime of most batch jobs by 50 percent. Additional work was done to modernize some older queries to SQL, reducing their runtime from 20-30 minutes to one second! And now it can take excellent advantage of the easy-to-use DB2 WebQuery product alongside World to help run its business as it grow.

This is one example of many among the customers IBM i and JD Edwards serve together. And this solution is just one of many that are part of the Solution Editions program around the world.

In future blogs, I will almost certainly highlight other Solution Editions. They are excellent examples of the vitality of the IBM i, Power Systems, and the Business Partner and ISV marketplace, and they demonstrate the commitment we all have to bringing the latest technology to our clients to help them compete effectively.




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