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Smarter Planet, Smarter Computing and IBM i

February 28, 2012

By now, I think most of you have seen the “Smarter Planet” advertisements from IBM. This marketing theme has been the overarching message from IBM for a couple of years, and when you see those ads, you get a sense of the kind of world we here at IBM believe is emerging from advances in technology.

Let's Build a Smarter Planet

Supporting the “Smarter Planet” strategy, IBM has a “Smarter Computing” strategy, with themes and examples showing IBM technology being used to create the Smarter Computing which drives the Smarter Planet.

Last week I pointed you to a new video about IBM i that fits the first of those Smarter Computing themes: Big Data. The video features a few of us talking about data – how the architecture of IBM i, with its integrated DB2, is well positioned to provide easy ways to get more information out of the data you have. IBM i is, after all “Designed for Data.” 


Find this video at

This week, I thought I would share a story that is featured on one of IBM’s Smarter Planet sites. The site is titled “Midsize businesses are the engines of a Smarter Planet” and the featured video describes Cherry Central, Inc. Cherry Central is a longtime user of our platform, and they work with N2N Global, a software vendor and IBM Business Partner in the food distribution industry. This solution includes everything needed to run a food distribution company, up to and including the “Smarter Planet” goal of using technology for food safety. Here is the video.


Everyone involved in this solution can be very proud of what they are doing.

It is one of many examples that demonstrates that IBM i clients are already using their powerful and cutting-edge technology together with solutions from our partners to build a Smarter Planet.

Over the next few months, IBM will be telling even more stories about IBM i being used to build a Smarter Planet. In fact, our video is being featured in a Smarter Planet blog written by David Pittman. Check it out. And check back here over the next few months to see more of the Smarter Planet and IBM i story.




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