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Smarter Computing: the IBM i Cloud Video

June 12, 2012

During the first half of this year, IBM has released two videos that help explain how IBM i fits in the Smarter Computing message within IBM’s overall Smarter Planet strategy. I talked about the first video in “Designed for Data – IBM i Video” and the second was introduced by Alison Butterill in her guest blog titled “Smarter Computing and Workload Optimized Infrastructure for IBM i.” Today, I introduce the final video in the three-video series.

Why three? Well, as you have likely noticed over the past four years, IBM has been talking about the Smarter Planet strategy. Supporting this strategy, the focus of our part of IBM has been to enable Smarter Computing, and the three aspects of Smarter Computing are:

  • Designed for Data
  • Optimized Systems
  • Managed in the Cloud

With the release of Live Partition Mobility for IBM i, in 7.1 TR4, IBM i is now an operating system that is fully capable of PowerVM-based cloud hosting. PowerVM is its underlying virtualization layer, and HMC and Systems Director components manage the cloud instances. This, then, is the perfect time for you to see the final video in the series. Here is the URL – and here is the video:


Once again, I am proud to be part of this video. As I mentioned in some LinkedIn discussions after the prior videos were released, these videos are intended to be conversation starters. They position a technology you already know about – IBM i – within the overall strategy of Smarter Computing. They can also be valuable to show someone who has heard about IBM’s Smarter Planet message, but who hasn’t heard about how IBM i fits into that strategy.  Much like the “Why IBM i?” presentation I talked about last week, the video allows us as IBM and you as IBM i professionals to have material we can all use to explain the value and vitality of the platform.

This past two months or so have been very busy for many of us within the IBM i community, as we’ve had several conferences, advisory councils and customer briefings. It seems I am giving my “IBM i Trends & Directions “ presentation two or three times a week. One key section of that presentation talks about Smarter Planet and explains how IBM i has been supporting that strategy for some time, and it’s only now becoming clearer to the world at large. These videos may not tell the whole story – no single series of short videos could – but they help us start the conversation. They help us encourage people to learn about IBM i, or to learn more about this server that has always been designed for data, that takes the expertise of the IBM i development team and optimizes systems for business use, and that now offers cloud capabilities both in the virtualization which has existed for decades, as well as hypervisor-based virtualization which matches any in the Power Systems family.

We hope you like the videos and find them useful in explaining what value your business gets from the platform: Power Systems + IBM i.





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