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Redbooks and More - Latest IBM i information

November 16, 2011

The IBM team has been busy producing and/or extensively revising a number of books and papers that contain valuable information about IBM i and its related products.

As I have told almost every audience since last fall, our Technology Refresh strategy involves delivering new capabilities between releases, and this means we need to find methods of getting information about those new capabilities into the hands of our customers. One of those methods is the IBM i portion of the developerWorks site, which I have talked about before. Another method is the well-respected set of Redbooks publications, and lesser-known, but just as valuable Redpapers and Webdocs.

To produce these documents, IBMers from around the world become authors. Usually, these authors are people who work very directly with customers in their “day jobs” but they set aside several weeks to focus on learning how to use the new capabilities we’ve announced. They talk directly with the developers and architects of these functions, and then they sit down to bring the advancements into the real world, explaining in their writing how to take advantage of them. In fact, the final three items on the list – the Webdocs – are programming examples that show how to do specific functions we expect will be helpful to many clients. 

Without further ado, here is the list of recently created or updated IBM i information.

1.  IBM i 7.1 Technical Overview Including Technology Refresh Updates -November 2011   (Redbook)

2.  PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i Cookbook   (Redbook)

3. Creating IBM i Client Partitions Using Virtual Partition Manager (Redpaper)

4. Uncovering Application Runtime Expert - IBM i 7.1 (Redpaper)

5.  New Watch for Event Function for IBM i 7.1: How to Take Advantage of QSYSMSG Message Queue (Webdoc)

6. Retrieve the Network Configuration of the System Manager Attached to Your Server From an IBM i Command Line (Webdoc)

7. How to Determine the Amount of Memory Used By the System Firmware From the IBM i Command Line (Webdoc)



The IBM i 7.1 Redbook contains information on the new capabilities we’ve added with Technology Refreshes 1, 2 and 3. For example, it has a discussion of “Suspend/Resume” – the ability to put an IBM i partition to sleep and wake it up again later, which was provided in TR2. The ability to use Virtual Partition Manager to create up to four IBM i partitions, available with TR3 is also covered briefly, but the Redpaper on doing that function contains the specific “how to” information.


The PowerHA Redbook: this book replaces an older version, and is in direct reaction to the success of the product and the needs of new PowerHA users. The first version of the Redbook was heavily focused on the concepts, but lacked the kind of “step by step” information many clients wanted from a Redbook.   This time, the team focused its work specifically on helping PowerHA users get up to speed quickly.  I think they did a good job.

Until next time, I hope you have set aside some time to read a good book. Or two.



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