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PureSystems, Mobility, Friends and Disney

May 7, 2012

You could pick much worse places to be than Anaheim, California this week.

The COMMON Annual Conference is taking place at the Disneyland Resort. As one would expect from Disney, the location is clean, the employees are friendly and helpful, and the food is very tasty.

But that’s not the reason we’re here, right? OK, right, but it makes a week of technical meetings and presentations that much easier to power through. And that’s what we’ve been doing.

One of the highlights of the conference from my point of view is getting to present new material to the IBM i customer set. I’ve already participated in the IBM i Q&A, and shortly will be giving my “Why IBM i?” presentation for the first of two times this week. Tomorrow, I get to participate in an RPG Open Access session describing the Open Standard for DDS which has been driven by the community. I also have the chance to try out a newly written presentation about IBM i Technology Refreshes, and I will sit down for a chat with the Young i Professionals. Finally, Wednesday I have my biggest day of presenting at the conference, with a repeat of “Why i?” along with “IBM i – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond” which has been extensively reworked this year, and the “IBM i Latest & Greatest” talk which wraps up the conference.

Two of the three technical topics I’ve been discussing most are PureSystems and Live Partition Mobility (LPM) – the topics of my two most recent blogs. I haven’t taken a photo of LPM (though it is being demo-ed) but I do have a couple of pictures of a PureApplication system, which is down in the Expo area.

Here’s the back, with a look at all the pre-cabled components.

PureSystem Internal

And here is a nice photo of the front of the machine.

PureSystem Patty Steve (1)

That’s Patty Clancy with me by the machine. She has been very involved in making all of the magic happen to get the PureFlex server ready for delivery.

The third topic that is coming up most in my discussions is Technology Refreshes. I am happy that I had the opportunity to discuss it with the COMMON Americas Advisory Council before the conference started, so I could make my presentation on TRs better than it would have been. And every time I get asked about TRs, I go back to the charts to make sure I have addressed the question when I give the presentation.

After so many years of participating in this conference, you might think I would know everyone who is here, but I keep meeting new people. The conference is big, and new people come each year. Yes, I have many friends at COMMON now, but I am meeting more people every day. It’s one of the rewarding aspects of face-to-face meetings like this. I am happy to be able to give webcasts, and to write blogs and tweet, but there is something special about developing a relationship with a person over a meal, around an Expo booth, or walking in the warm California sunshine that cannot be replicated online.

I had better stop writing now and prepare for my next session. Whether you are here with me, or reading this from somewhere else in the world, I hope you have a chance to learn something new about IBM i today. And I hope you also have a chance to spend some time with friends. Both pursuits are well worth your time.


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