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Off to a Fast Start and Tweets with Good Links

January 17, 2012

IBM i LogoI know, I know. You haven’t read anything new in “You and i” for a while. My fault (obviously) so let me explain.

The first (working) day after Christmas, I had to find my office and remember my password. After 17 days away from the Big Blue Buildings (come to Rochester sometime, if you doubt me – the buildings are blue) this is basically all I can do on the first day. Well, except for looking at my email to see approximately 2,000 pieces of new mail and panicking about how I will ever respond to them all. (Sorry, Justin! I see your email in there. I’ll get to it, really.)

The second (working) day after Christmas, I powered through 90% of that email.

By the third day back, the pace of activity for the year had already risen to full speed, and I was talking to clients, figuring out what plan changes occurred while I was gone that affect IBM i, and wondering why I even have an office if I’m never in it. (I have a lot of meetings during the day.) (And I’m being somewhat sarcastic. Half of my meetings are over the phone, which I take in my office, if I’m in town.)


One of the other reasons I’ve been slow to write here is that there are a large number of topics that are not quite ready for public consumption. February and March, I think, will be a very busy months for this blog, as I will have several topics to cover, which will be very fresh on people’s minds. But in January, we’re preparing. It’s hard to write about preparing.

Still, though this blog has been a little quiet, there has been plenty of interesting information out there. I hope you’ve been following #IBMi on Twitter over the past few weeks. Why? Because there have been some excellent Tweets pointing you to good information. (My comments are in parentheses after the Tweet.)

@Steve_Will_IBMi: Excellent blog about the value of Local User Groups to #IBMi community by Laura Ubelhor

@IBM_ddefranc: #IBMi and #VMControl work together to allow image creation and management of IBM i partitions. (#IBMi, #PowerVM) (Oh, wait, that points to this blog. Cool!)

@angustheitchap: Myth #1716 debunked! You ~can~ google #IBMi (Love it! Some day I should blog about this. Or catch me after I present at a conference sometime and we can chat over a beverage.)

@IBMimag: RT @angustheitchap: More requests for the #IBMi family tree: OS: Dates: (Honestly, I am going to steal, um, er, borrow, ummm, errr, use these with full attribution.)

@IBMimag: Shouldn’t Everything Run on IBM i? #IBMi (Very interesting article, Aaron.)

@stevencpitcher: Most of my time at #ls12 will be doing #ibmchampion stuff or meeting with IBM'ers, customers and BP's. I haven't looked at session list yet! (#ls12 is Lotusphere 2012, which many IBM i users of IBM Lotus products will attend this week. Not I, though; I have some educating of IBM sales people to do.)

@IBMimag: RT @jennifertaylor: Three #SMB Trends in 2012 and How to Stay Ahead of Them #IBM #MidmarketIBM (OK, not technically tagged #IBMi, but it’s a good read.)

And though I don’t think I’ve tweeted it yet, the team did some webcasts late last year which are available for listening. IBM sponsored them, so there is no charge to hear them. Here’s the link (link not active). One of the webcasts is “Moving up to 7 - IBM i 7.1 recent announcements and POWER7 value” and features Mark Olson, Pete Massiello and me talking about preparing for the move many of you have already made, but many, many more will be making soon. (Right?)

Until next time, I hope you can find your office. Or at least remember your passwords.

Welcome to 2012.


Twitter: #ibmi @Steve_Will_IBMi 


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