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Key IBM i Posts from 2012 “You and i”

December 17, 2012

This has been an excellent year for IBM i, from many points of view. Professionally, it’s been excellent for me as well – and these two facts are definitely related. I’ve been more involved in talking to clients and partners than ever before, the IBM i team has delivered several key enhancements, and I am excited about the plans we have for 2013 and beyond.

As 2012 draws to a close, I want to leave you with a “summary” post that can serve to gather together the most important messages I’ve delivered here through the year. I’ve organized them into themes


Key Announcements

Two Technology Refreshes came out in 2012, and those are important, but they are not the only big announcements: 


IBM i and Smarter Planet

A theme of our messages this year was to show how IBM i fits into the larger message from IBM about building a smarter planet.


Strategic Messages and Customer Resources

I use this blog to more clearly articulate messages we want you to know about IBM i’s strategy and to share material that you might find useful.


I’ve also had a couple of customer reference posts, one about Turner Industries and another about Nishii Paint Industry, a customer IBM i won from the competition. I hope to have more of these next year, because I’ve received quite a few positive comments about the value of these examples.

I look forward to continuing this blog into 2013. I know we have many new things to tell you about throughout the year. I also want to share some of the stories of clients using IBM i solutions to enable their businesses to succeed.

But first, vacation! I’ll enjoy some time off around the holidays. I hope you all can, too. See you next year!







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