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Designed for Data - IBM i Video

February 21, 2012

It’s another exciting week for the IBM i community!

Designed for Data capture

If you go to the redesigned IBM Power Systems web page, you will get to see a new video that we’re really proud of: “IBM i – Designed for Data.” To help launch the new page, it is one of three videos you can choose at the top of the Power Systems website

A while back, I made this somewhat cryptic tweet:

Video Tweet

I was talking about shooting videos – and this video is the first we are releasing.

Part of the IBM Smarter Planet message is the focus we need to have on the data being gathered around the world. We have so much of it, but we need to figure out how to extract even more information from it than we have in the past.

While several of us had the chance to appear in this video, the star of the show is Mark Anderson, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of DB2 for i.

Mark Anderson captureMark talks about analytics in the video, and, as all of us know, IBM i has been architected around customer data from the very beginning.

I encourage every one of you to visit the page and take a look. IBM i is a key part of Power Systems, and Power Systems is a key player in the overall Smarter Planet vision from IBM. This video, as well as the ones to come, help to position IBM i within the growing involvement of IBM technology in the advances the world needs.

After you’ve seen the video on the site, be sure to show it to others who want to know what you’ve been working with, and working on, over the years.

Over the next few months, I’ll let you know as the rest of these videos are released.



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