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Conference Season – Fall 2012

September 7, 2012

IBMiIt's September, and that means that the second “conference season” of the year is about to begin. If you are an IBM i enthusiast, there are many opportunities to learn about your platform in the next several months.

Sometimes it seems I am constantly traveling, and therefore I must be attending every possible conference. I know that’s not true, though. There is a series of events in Europe in November, for example, which I cannot attend because I will be in Japan. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you are interested in coming to a conference and getting a chance to ask me a question face-to-face, here are your opportunities for the rest of the year:

In addition to those, I will be seeing many of our clients at the Rochester Executive Briefing Center during the second half of the year, including our Large User Group, which convenes for the third of its three meetings in Rochester per year sandwiched in between those conferences.

Unfortunately, there are other events I am not going to be able to attend personally, but I know Tim Rowe, Alison Butterill and other colleagues will be covering events in New York, Columbus, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Dublin, and – as I mentioned above – a list of cities in Europe.

Each of these conferences has great information about the platform – some of it high-level, such as I tend to give, and some of it very detailed for developers and day-to-day users of IBM i. I encourage you to find something in your area – whether one of these or at a local user group meeting – so that you can learn something new and get a chance to meet other IBM i professionals.  It’s always a great experience, and well worth the time and money you invest.

Disclaimer: I have no direct financial incentive to encourage you to attend these. I just like meeting the people who use the system our team builds!



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