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2011 Blog in Review

December 18, 2011

I20iiIt’s that time of year when people all over the Internet are writing “year in review” articles. So I asked myself, “If I write one, how will I make it valuable? And how do I make it topical?” I know! I’ll build a blog article that will make a good bookmark or favorite for people’s browsers!

Over the course of 2011, I have written some things readers won’t need to see again. But I have also written some posts we should all have access to for the future. So here we go – with the “You and i” version of a clip show.

Telling the IBM i Story: Why i? & Designed for Business video. I know, this was just last week, but I can assure you I get asked for this information more than anything else. (Almost.)

DB2 for IBM i – Automation and Integration: DB2 on i has so many advantages when compared to our competition, it’s hard to do it justice in one blog entry, but if you want the overview, take a look here.

Happy Customers and New Resources for IBM i: The excellent “Total Cost of Acquisition” chart from the ITG study, plus the link to, and the URL for, the “Power of i” web page.

Spring Announcements and IBM i in developerWorks: This blog is good reference for a couple of reasons. Perhaps the most important is the description of what you can find in developerWorks (dW). In some sense, the “developer” part of the dW name is misleading – it’s not just for developers! Given our strategy of delivering new function twice a year and documenting that new function first in dW, anyone who wants to learn about new IBM i content needs to keep an eye on dW.

Focus Areas in 2011-2013 for IBM i: If you hear me talk about IBM i, you will almost certainly hear me talk about the content I cover here. Everyone seems interested to know what we’re working on. I get asked about this very frequently, too.

Redbooks and More – Latest IBM i Information: The 7.1 Redbooks publication was updated with TR2 & TR3 information. The PowerHA Redbooks publication was rewritten.

Links IBM i Users Need: OK, this might be the single thing I get asked about more often than anything else: “Where can I find more information on such-and-such?” The links contained here are very, very helpful. Links to the ITG Study, the Matrix of Storage supported by IBM i, the new Redbooks, and of course IBM i information in developerWorks.

This is not to say that my blogs about JDE Enterprise One Express, finding ISV supported releases, and PostgreSQL and other open source on IBM i were not important. They just might not be as useful on an ongoing basis.

As we move into 2012, I already have several blog topics planned: the first and second quarter will have some key announcements you’ll hear about here. Until then, I hope you all get to take some time to be with family and friends. That’s certainly my plan.

I’ll see you next year.

(And a special thanks to the “IBM i for Everyone” website for the customized logo, which came from Dan Shirey, through Trevor Perry, one of our Power Champions, if I’m not greatly mistaken. It has served very well for 2011, so I thought I’d recognize it before it’s too late!)



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