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  • Conferences, Community and More Ahead for IBM i in 2019
    March 20, 2019
  • IBM i and Java Support
    December 11, 2018
  • A Very Good Year for IBM i
    October 25, 2018
  • SAP on IBM i: Still Going Strong
    October 2, 2018
  • A Closer Look at the IBM i Architecture Evolution Webcast
    September 10, 2018
  • Winning Customers with Modernization & IBM i – Modernization Part 4

    While I was on my trip to Australia and New Zealand to participate in conferences and speak with IBM i customers and partners, I ran across two more stories dealing with modernization and IBM i that highlight an important reason to modernize: winning customers.

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    Posted: September 19, 2013 |

    Baker College, Mobile, RPG and IBM i – Modernization Part 3

    Last week, I continued my blog series on modernization with the Kawasaki story, and this week’s story has a some of similarities with that one. This week, we’re going to talk about Baker College, and its move to mobile device support using RPG Open Access.

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    Posted: August 6, 2013 |

    Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing, Mobile and IBM i – Modernization Part 2

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    Posted: July 30, 2013 |

    Corvette America, PHP and IBM i – Modernization Part 1

    The best way I know to show customers how important modernization can be to them is to show examples of other IBM i clients who have done it. So, I have a series of three blogs in the works to talk about that topic, and today’s first blog discusses the modernization undertaken by Corvette America.

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    Posted: July 23, 2013 |

    Happy Birthday IBM i

    Here it is! After a long build-up, the actual birthday is here. June 21, 2013 marks 25 years since the introduction of the AS/400. Today we officially say “Happy Birthday, IBM i!”

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    Posted: June 20, 2013 |

    New PureFlex for i

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    Posted: June 9, 2013 |

    IBM i at 25: The Rochester Way

    The IBM i 25th anniversary, which we’ve been celebrating for two months now on Facebook, concludes today with a look at how the “Rochester Way” has contributed to our clients’ success.

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    Posted: June 4, 2013 |

    The Three Rs: Resiliency, Redundancy and Reliability

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    Posted: May 27, 2013 |

    POWER to the People

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    Posted: May 19, 2013 |

    Separated by Oceans, United by Purpose

    To help celebrate the international scope of the IBM i business, our guest blogger today is HaiBo Yu, Senior Manager for IBM i database, Web integration & Lotus development at the IBM China lab in Beijing.

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    Posted: May 2, 2013 |

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