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Security Isn’t Just Technology

September 4, 2017

I just received an email, which has since been reported to our abuse team. This email reminds me that a pillar to security is making sure users know the telling signs of phishing, such as an email asking you to go to a special site (URL) because of new government regulations regarding password complexity.

Sounds concerning, doesn't it? Ah yes, just go to this site and enter your passwords and the portal will verify your passwords meet the new requirements. The phrasing of this email was much more subtle than some, but you really do need to be sure that all your users perceive any email with similar language as "abuse."

In short, all the technology in the world cannot protect us from naive users. Do yourself a favor and ask the question. Be happy when everyone answers, “Of course I knew that!!”

P.S. I’m still working on another blog post about sudo integration with AIX RBAC. And, I’m also getting much more savvy with BigFix and how it (actually!) works together with AIX!

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