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Why I Stay Away From Using gcc (on AIX)

October 3, 2017

I just saw a Security Bulletin for some IBM Products. The description starts with: "Security Bulletin: OpenSource GNU glibc Vulnerabilities".

In the title I mention I stay away from gcc. There’s nothing wrong with gcc itself, but rather the maintenance of the run-time libraries. Experience has taught me (and the security bulletin is an reminder) that gcc depends on its own run-time libraries. When open-source is packaged using gcc, you need to pay attention to not only the version and security patches for the main program, but also for the version of the gcc runtime libraries such as glibc (the gcc "replacement" for POSIX libc).

On AIX - libc is maintained by IBM and security fixes are supplied by IBM. As a packager of open-source tools (, I need not repackage everything when there is a compiler update. (Sadly, gcc tends to be version bound by  gcc level and glibc level.)

And so, back to the title: Because I don’t want to be responsible for maintaining run-time environments I tend to stay away from gcc on AIX.

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