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May 5, 2017

I have a confession to make: Whenever I thought about SUDO I always thought in terms of SUDO versus RBAC, rather than RBAC and SUDO.

I’ve spent the last month taking a “deep” look into SUDO. While I have several reasons for this, using sudo is not one of them. During this study I ran across an Question/Answer pair in the SUDO FAQ about how to approach setting RBAC privileges to give sudo its “power” rather than rely on the SUID bit. And that got me thinking about the process of getting SUDO integrated with AIX RBAC.

FYI: there is some integration with Solaris roles and also with SELinux (roles?).

So, I’m curious—how interested are you in using SUDO integrated with AIX RBAC roles to get access to sudo “power” and use the sudo configuration to manage access to applications?  I ask to determine if this exercise will this help others or is it something I am doing for myself. Feedback counts!

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