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What Good Are Intentions?

June 10, 2014

Time just keeps slipping by. This feels like a New Years best-intention gone bad. Three times before I have started a SecuringAIX blog and three times I have not finished.

So today must be different. I must finish this blog entry – anything will be better than nothing.

Today feels a lot like many disscusions I have about security on AIX. Again, great intentions, and yes – aixpert looks great, no we have never used it before and we shall look at it in more detail. For now we shall continue to rely on our firewall for security.

Security is like an onion – it has, or should have, many layers. The simple logic is, if they – anyone who should not be somewhere in your systems, regardless of intent – should have yet another layer to watch them, catch them, contain them.

Worldwide, IT marketing expects security to be big business. I guess this means more people are beginning to secure the application. But a secure suitcase on the back seat of your car is not really safe if the doors to the back seat are open, or if your car is a convertable.

And now to myself – and to you if the shoe fits: Security is not having good intentions. Security is secure when both diligent and consistent. Although good intentions may help some too. And maybe, though if I am honest, not likely - I will have another SecuringAIX blog before I go offline (read: on vacation) later this month.


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