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My Role-Based Security Questions for You

July 14, 2014

This year has been difficult for me to be "security minded." Besides security, I also do performance trouble-shooting and consultancy and this year that has kept me very busy. So, I do not feel like I have anything "new and improved" to share with you about how to improve the AIX security layer.

Instead, I have some questions for you -- and I thank you in advance (and later again, afterwards) for your replies.

My questions are:

1. Have you tested and rejected any role-based access methodology for securing your systems and/or applications?
2. Are you using AIX RBAC?
3. Are you using LINUX RBAC, in either active or passive/monitoring mode?
4. If you have tested, and rejected any role-based mechanism, why are you not adopting it?
5. If you are using role-based mechanisms, are they meeting or exceeding your expectations or needs?

Again - thank you for your reply and feedback!



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