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Exploring OpenLDAP for AIX

July 22, 2013

Too much work and then vacations have delayed this post, leaving me feeling guilty when there’s really nothing to feel guilty about. I guess, somewhere inside me, there’s a desire to have some element of "BLING" whenever I write something for SecuringAIX. But there’s no need. I am not a professional writer or journalist, and blogs aren’t meant to always BLING.

Anyway, I have been busy with many things, not all directly related to security in the classic sense of system administration—looking for exposures, etc. Mainly I have been focused on topics that could be called "business resilience." 

But I am not going to write about that now. Instead, both in response to comments on SecuringAIX and conversations with customers about configuring Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for AIX, I am researching OpenLDAP.

While between planes, I made my first attempts at packaging OpenLDAP for AIX. Basically, it tried two packages: Berkeley DB (now a product of Oracle) for the database and OpenLDAP itself.

The initial attempts seem to be working, read compiling. The next step will be the “make test” to see what that gives, and then, learn more.

So, the other good thing—for me—about this, is I should have less difficulty getting my next blog post ready for publication. 

I hope you are having, or had, a great summer vacation.

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