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Are You Compliant, in Control, or Neither?

December 18, 2012

Finally, THE IBM Redbook publication I have been waiting for has appeared in draft (Redpaper) form. This Redbook is about Security (yes, capital S) Management and also about PowerSC. 

Today I’ll be short, RE: PowerSC.

 For no additional charge, you have access to the PowerSC standard edition when you have licensed the AIX Enterprise Edition (AIXEE) bundle.

If you do not have the AIXEE bundle, there’s a limited-time special offer—30 percent discount off the IBM one-time charge on licensing PowerSC.

Back to the Redbook draft, which is titled: “Managing Security and Compliance in Cloud or Virtualized Data Centers Using IBM PowerSC.” Obviously, it covers a lot of information about PowerSC. But what I hope you will look at is the first chapter wherein the authors:

  • Explain Security Drivers, a business-driven Security Framework
  • Introduce IBM’s (new) Security Blueprint, and
  • Close with a short discussion on Security Compliance and Management

In the last topic on Security Compliance and Management, they ask the questions:

Do you know the difference between being “in compliance" and "in control?” Which is more important? And, if you are neither "in compliance" nor "in control," which one should you focus on?

Drum roll! Their answer to the last question is: "in control.”

I hope you download and read the Redbook draft. I have already read several things where I wish I had been clever enough to phrase it so eloquently.

And, in following blog posts, besides talking about PowerSC, I also want to take up RBAC for AIX as a means to be more "in control.”

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