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Looking Back at 2016

January 16, 2017

In this post, I look back at 2016 with some reflections on the most useful topics that I explored in the year that just passed. I have several series of posts that I really enjoyed writing and I’m taking this opportunity to recap them in this post and the next one.

The Internet of Things or IoT
This four-part series of posts began by answering the question what is the Internet of Things? In the next post in the series, I discussed the huge potential for impact of the IoT on the IT field. I noted at the time that industry leaders were creating paradigms, conventions and APIs that would be used for handling the IoT in large-scale commercial implementations. I finished the series with two additional posts. The first was focused on IoT and two challenge areas—security and data volume. Regarding security, I noticed that some denial of services attacks were carried out by cyber criminals in 2016 using improperly secured IoT devices in businesses and homes. This reminds me that security cannot be an afterthought or we have learned little about this discipline over the preceding decades. The second and final in the series as related to IoT and its natural fit with cloud services. You can read this IoT/cloud post here.

Business Rules
The importance of business rules was reflected in a wide variety of my blog posts throughout the year. Almost by accident, I discovered this interesting topic in February then found myself in the middle of a project whose focus were business rules extraction. To cap off the effort, I wrote and delivered a paper, with Ray Venoski, on business rules for the ECC Conference at Marist College in June. “Business Rules as a System” is a good place to start reading to get a quick refresh on the topic. In May, I began a multi-part series “A Second Look at Business Rules" that explored the topic more deeply.

ECC at Marist
2016 was the second year in a row that I attended the ECC Conference at Marist. It’s easy to enjoy and get a lot from the ECC conference. It is well attended, diverse in its topics, supported by IBM and many mainframe software and services companies, and it has great after-hours events. Also, there’s no fee to attend. In June, right after the conference, I made a post introducing the eighth annual Conference, then I followed up with the details of days 1 and 2 morning and afternoon for a total of five posts. The first in these detailed posts was “ECC Conference Day 1 Morning Sessions are Educational.” The dates for the 2017 Conference are already available.
Next Post
Next week I’ll complete this look back at 2016 by reviewing the series that I wrote on modernization, sig-nif-i-cance and the cloud economy.

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