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  • A Comprehensive Approach to Application Management
  • IT Service—Infrastructure and Platform Services

    In this post, I explore infrastructure and platform services, which are written about mostly in regards to cloud computing. First, let me recap—since Feb. 16, I have been writing about different kinds of IT services. The IT service is one of these interesting and useful concepts regarding a collection of things to be taken as a whole. IT service management, managed services, service oriented architecture, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service are all kinds of IT services different as they are. This post is a continuation in this series.

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    Posted: March 16, 2015 |

    IT Service—Five Questions For SOA

    In this post, I explore service oriented architecture (SOA) using five questions designed to give you deeper insights into SOA. The questions focus on design, coding, security, manageability and governance.

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    Posted: March 09, 2015 |

    IT Service—Service Oriented Architecture

    In this post, I discuss service oriented architecture (SOA). It is a brilliant IT notion. Brilliant, really? Yes, let me explain.

    SOA is amazing. It is beautiful in its simplicity and usefulness. The idea is to create a software entity that has self-describing inputs and useful outputs that can be accessed either publically or privately, as appropriate, in such a way that the underlying complexity of the root systems and software is shielded from the invoker of the service. With this approach, all kinds of existing data and programmatic functionality can be easily accessed from environments that would otherwise be foreign to the native environment of the data or program.

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    Posted: March 02, 2015 |

    IT Service—Managed Services

    In this post, I discuss managed services, which like IT service management is an instance of the diverse elements known as an IT service.

    Managed services are usually associated with getting someone else to handle day-to-day management responsibilities and functions like application testing, systems and network management, or data center hosting. These are just representative examples and there are many other instances of managed services in the marketplace. The “someone else” is an IT services company that leverages labor and perhaps hardware and software to perform a collection of IT services.

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    Posted: February 23, 2015 |

    IT Service—The Big Ideas

    This is the first post in a series that will be dedicated to the powerful idea of the IT service. The concept of the IT service is a collection that holds a number of discrete service implementations that I will discuss over the next few weeks. By service implementations, I mean instances like IT service management, manager services, service oriented architectures, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, software as a service and business process as a service. This is a list of the important kinds of IT services that will be my focus.

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    Posted: February 16, 2015 |

    Future of the IT Professions

    In the previous blog post, I wrote about IT jobs with management in the title: project, program, account, product and portfolio managers. In this post, I will discuss the future of some of these jobs in the

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    Posted: February 09, 2015 |

    Management Titles in IT Jobs

    In the previous blog post, I wrote about IT specialist and IT architect roles. In this post I will discuss IT jobs with management in the title: project, program, account, product and portfolio managers.

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    Posted: February 02, 2015 |

    IT Specialist and IT Architect Roles

    In the previous blog post, I wrote about career risk taking and the importance of communications skills for jobs in IT. In this post I will discuss the IT specialist and IT architect roles.

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    Posted: January 26, 2015 |

    Your IT Career and Communication Skills

    In the previous blog post, I wrote about understanding who you are and preparing for the future. In this post I will discuss the importance of taking risks to gain experience and working on communication skills.

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    Posted: January 19, 2015 |

    The Extraordinary People in IT

    There are many different skilled IT people. Some are technical in their focus while others center on business or a specific industry.

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    Posted: January 12, 2015 |

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