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Tidbits on Training Java Programmers and Apple Announcements

September 17, 2014

Training the Next Generation of RPGers
We have just finished delivering the second part of an introductory RPG class to the group of Java programmers that we mentioned in our "Programming Highs and Tire Lows" blog entry back in July.  To say that we're brain dead is to put it mildly! Teaching these young, enthusiastic programmers really kept us on our toes, but it was a joy none-the-less. Hopefully we'll be doing a lot more of this kind of training in the future.

New iPhones and More

We admit to being Mac junkies but, although we both also use iPhones, we weren't exactly on the edge of our seats waiting for this week's announcements since we don't have any plans to replace our phones any time soon. We both also use FitBits, so even the much rumored iWatch--or as we now know it to be the Apple Watch--didn't hold as much interest for us as it otherwise might.

So in a way we were expecting this announcement to be somewhat anti-climatic. After all, anticipation has been building up for so long that even Apple was going to be hard pressed to meet expectations. And yet they did. And we can't help but feel that in many ways they exceeded them. Both of the new iPhone models raise the game yet again in almost every category from form factor, to appearance, to speed, to battery life, to. ... And the Apple Watch--wow, that is one beautiful looking piece of technology. Pity we have to wait until 2015 to get our hands on one or that might have taken care of our Christmas shopping FitBit or no. Well, probably not. We learned a long time ago that being first in line for any brand new technology is a risky business and we usually wait a while--but darn it, that Dick Tracey watch phone notion is mighty tempting.

We know before we even finish this that the Apple haters and Android fan boys will be all over this piece. So be it but Apple rarely disappoints and we were very impressed by what we saw this week.

Whether the Apple Watch can define a whole new market in the way the iPhone and iPad did remains to be seen, but they sure look great!

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