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7.3 and Social Media

May 11, 2016

Along with the V7.3 announcements, you may have noticed that IBM emphasized that there were going to be a number of social media initiatives around the platform over the coming months.

One of the themes of 7.3 is the "Developers: IBM i speaks your language" - a reference to the number of Open Source (OS) tools and utilities now available on the platform. If you have any doubts about IBM's commitment to OS you might be reassured by reading the latest blog post from IBM's Tim Rowe on the subject.

Clearly, this aspect of the marketing push is aimed at attracting younger developers to the platform and it is great to see that one of these youngsters (Kody Robinson from the Arkansas Electric Coop Corp.) has been featured in a new video on You Tube under the title "Why develop on IBM i?" Watch the video here:

We've met a number of young IBM i fans in recent months and it does seem that at long last our "old" system is being discovered by new developers.

Another recent media happening was the Google Hangout hosted by IBM. Entitled "How Companies are Succeeding with IBM i," the hangout featured modernization experts such as Fresche Legacy's Trevor Perry and "real" users such as Steve Pitcher.

While the technical quality was less than stellar and the live feed suffered from a number of hiccups, that didn't detract from the fact that there were some excellent points made by the panelists. Stories of new customers migrating to the platform, and of existing users increasing the range of applications on their IBM i. Perhaps more importantly for many of you, some excellent advice from Steve Pitcher on how to ensure that your CIO understands the value of the IBM i platform.

The recording of the session is now available on YouTube sans the video breakups and pauses that plagued parts of the live broadcast. You can watch it here

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