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Time to get iThusiastic!

June 17, 2014

Rousing the IBM i community spirit is not a new theme for us (check out "Kindred Spirits in the IBM i Community" among other posts on the topic). That's why we loved reading the recent posts from Von Enselman and (fellow Canadian) Steve Pitcher (link not active).

We love Von's clever term, "iThusiasm," which she defines as "… my vehicle and brand to communicate my opinions and support for the IBM i on Power Systems, the professionals who support it and are supported by it, and the user groups (both local and large) that bring us together." Cool! What a great concept. We've known Von through her work with the Omni User Group for years and love her enthusiasm and dedication to "all things i". Give her new blog a read; it's well worth your time.

Steve's post reminds us of the need to help cross-promote content between communities and streams - for example, sharing content you find valuable with your fellow iThusiasts--whether you wrote it or you just read something particularly helpful somewhere--but not just on your "media stream of choice." He suggests we should try not just tweeting about it or posting it to or Facebook or various i-related LinkedIn groups, but perhaps change the "or" to "and" to help to ensure that more IBM i professionals can benefit from it and the IBM i message gets out there.

Good idea, Steve. Jon has already been doing some of this, but we could certainly do a better job of it. Of course, we're personally a little leery of trying to hit all (or even most) of the plethora of LinkedIn groups, as we discussed recently in our blog. But a few posts on some well-chosen LinkedIn groups never hurts. By the way, Steve has some particularly insightful Tweets; consider following him @stevencpitcher.

So if you see posts from people like us (or Steve or Von or …) promoting our latest article or blog posts in multiple places, we hope you don't think we're reaching for the spotlight. Maybe we're reaching for the spotlight, but not for ourselves. We want a spotlight on a much better target--IBM i.

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