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Tidbits on Tools, Amazon Prime Air and Mobile

December 3, 2013

Sometimes there is no one "big thing" that piques our interest in a given week - particularly around holiday periods when there is less in the way of IT-related news. But often we have a backlog of little things that we think worthy of mention but which are not big enough to warrant a complete blog entry. So this week a few of those.

Finding the Tools You Need

First up is the (relatively) new list of Web development tools on The idea is to provide a single point where you can look for tools in the arena of refacing, building new Web applications, development IDEs and more. Since this is a community-developed page, the hope is that it is less likely to be subject to overblown vendor rhetoric and that tools will be categorized where they best fit. By no means a comprehensive list and we know of a few tools that are missing, but it is a good start. If you find something missing by all means add it.

When You Just Gotta Have It (Almost) Now!

In the category of "Is it April 1st already?" comes the latest from Amazon--Prime Air. This is the official piece on the Amazon site, but simply Google "Amazon Prime Air" and you'll get more than 30 pages referencing that exact term! You can say what you like about Jeff Bezos, but the man certainly knows how to get the world talking!

Will Prime Air ever happen? Well there are any number of issues ranging from gun toting individuals taking pot-shots at the delivery vehicles, to insurance issues as a drone slices up the family cat as it lands, to the sheer number of distribution centers that would be needed to ensure 30-minute delivery. But we have a feeling that it, or something very much like it, is in our future--just maybe not in the two- to five-year timeframe that Bezos is talking.

The Next Step in Mobile

One of the issues in developing mobile applications is that it can take a lot of effort to make applications that will work even when you are not able to connect. Certainly the new local storage features of HTML5 has made this less of a problem than it has been in the past, but even so, a lot of Javascript skill is required if you want such apps to work on both Android and iOS systems.

Enter the latest update to Lansa's Long Range product. It provides local storage via the SQLite database engine that is built-in to both operating systems. No Javascript required according to Lansa. Just your RPG or COBOL skills to configure the components. You can find the details here. We look forward to seeing how this feature works.

Lansa, of course, isn't the only vendor to offer mobile capabilities in their products. Asna, BCD, CNX, look, Profound, Rocket, and countless others, offer such capabilities in their tools. But Lansa isthe first that we are aware of that directly support stand-alone disconnected operation. If indeed another vendor does support this capability and we've missed it, please let us know.

That's all for this time. We hope all our American readers enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Ours was almost derailed by a major plumbing problem, but all went well in the end, just a little more chaotic than we had intended. In fact we're awaiting the arrival of the plumber as we write this; wish us luck!

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