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Going Dark--Cold Turkey

May 13, 2014

As you can probably imagine, given our travel schedule and the nature of our work, our laptops and cellphones are an ever-present part of our lives. Being self-employed also means that a "day off" in absolute terms is a rare bird indeed. So when we set off on a short cruise last Friday, while we intended to avoid work and enjoy ourselves, we had just assumed that we'd probably spend at least the usual hour or so each day doing mail, etc. That was before we found out that the internet connection on the cruise ship was 79 cents per minute! The "bargain packages" weren't much better. Not only that but it was a satellite system and there were more disclaimers re performance expectations than you could shake a stick at, so it was hard to think of it as any kind of option.

No problem. Jon's new phone plan gives us unlimited 3G data and has worked very well as a hot spot. But of course like all cell phones it requires a signal--and for the vast majority of the voyage we were too far out at sea to get one.

Ok, so we were going to be forced to go dark and with no chance to even mentally prepare ourselves. Could we survive? And, perhaps even scarier, might we perhaps even enjoy it?

We did--and we did. In fact the last thing on earth we really wanted to do when we got into the hotel was check email, but old habits die hard. Perhaps if it had been a week-long cruise we could have resisted the temptation, but someone had to write the blog this week!

If, like us, you find yourselves forever checking email, Facebook, etc., then try going dark for a day. No cellphone, no computer, no nothing. It won't kill you and you never know, you might grow to like it!

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