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Advertising IBM i

April 1, 2014

So, did you see that great TV ad that IBM ran during primetime last night? Some of the things it mentioned were:

  • That IBM i has true integration of operating system, database, security and web serving. Designed in from the beginning--not added on as an afterthought. The very same integration that Oracle and others are striving to achieve via acquisition, not by design. True integration brings simplicity and reliability.
  • That DB2 for i fully automates many typical DBA tasks, such as storage allocation and extensions, maintaining database integrity, updating statistics. It has tremendous scalability, such as the ability to handle more than 400 TB of data in a single SQL table and can bring incredible I/O and CPU parallelism to bear to process and query massive amounts of data. A simpler, more powerful and more scalable database housed in a single server delivering unprecedented performance at a lower cost for both transactional data and business intelligence applications.
  • That reliability and security of IBM i systems running on Power are dramatically better than competitive systems. They mentioned that an independent study showed costs of downtime for IBM i servers to be 90 percent less than for Windows server clusters and 71 percent less than for Oracle Exadata, translating into three-year savings of between $700,000 and $35 million for IBM i shops.
  • That SAP runs better on IBM i than on competitive platforms and is easier and cheaper to install and maintain.
  • That IBM i has a lower cost of ownership over three years: 55 percent less than Windows running SQL Server and 50 percent less than Linux running Oracle. In addition, even the initial cost of acquisition of IBM i servers is 18 percent less than x86 servers running Windows/SQL Server and 43 percent less than x86 running Linux and Oracle.

Did you notice that today's blog is dated April 1, 2014? Yes, it's April Fool's Day.

Sorry, there was no ad for IBM i on prime time TV last night. But that's the only part of this blog that is not true. So maybe we could all help to make sure that even without ads the IBM i story is heard.

For more details on the facts stated here and more data to use in spreading the word, take a look at some of the resources on the System i Developer iAdvocate page.

Spread the word.


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