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Displaying Open Files for a Job with Navigator for i

November 22, 2016

In last week’s blog, Displaying Open Files with Work Job, I described how you can customize the information that is displayed with Work Job, option 14 (display open files).

In that blog, I should have also reviewed how you can easily display the same information with the graphical interface – but since I overlooked adding that, here it is this week.

There are a variety of ways you can view active jobs with Navigator – Active Jobs, Server Jobs, jobs in a subsystem, jobs in a memory pool, etc.  When you have found the job you wish to work with, you can easily display the open files for the job with the GUI.  From the job, simply follow Details --> Open Files --> Library Objects, as the screen capture below shows.

I’m using the CRTPFRDTA job as an example because it has a lot of open files.  With the graphical user interface, you don’t have to toggle views with F11 to see all the information.  You can customize the columns of information displayed to see everything at a glance.  Some of the columns are not included by default (shared opens, operations allowed, and disk pool), but once you customize the columns to include or exclude the columns you wish to display, the change is remembered.  If you have a lot of columns of information, you can simply scroll right and left to review all of the information for a particular file.

One note – the text description that was added to WRKJOB option 14 in 7.3 is only available on the green screen interface; it was not added to the graphical UI.

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