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IBM Unveils the Linux-Only Mainframe

September 8, 2015

IBM's recent announcement of the LinuxONE family is another milestone in the mainframe's long-term support of Linux. While I encourage you to read the IBM Systems Magazine overview, I'll briefly cover the highlights here.

IBM is positioning z Systems technology as the platform of choice for mainframe customers that require high availability and scalability while relying upon the Linux operating system rather than z/OS. LinuxONE -- in addition to supporting Red Hat and SUSE -- now supports the Ubuntu distribution of Linux.

IBM is also bolstering z Systems as a cloud management platform with the kernel-based virtual machine (KVM). This open-standard hypervisor is designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the z Systems platform.

As someone who's keenly interested in database technology, it intrigues me that both relational (PostgresSQLj, MariaDB) and NoSQL database (MongoDB) technologies are supported under LinuxONE. (MySQL users will want to look into the supported drop-in replacement, MariaDB, which is a free community-developed fork of MySQL)

In addition, IBM is, through LinuxONE, supporting the open source community by offering a flexible elastic pricing plan that's designed to meet the individual needs. Payment options include pay-for-use with fixed payments and variable costs that scale up or down based on usage. Customers also have the option to return, buy or replace existing systems at the end of a contract. A monthly per-core rental model allows clients to order only what they need and when they need it, and customers can -- with only 30 days’ notice -- purchase additional or discontinue current virtual machines and software licenses, or cancel service.

Finally, to further foster interest in the mainframe among Linux users, IBM has partnered with the Linux Foundation to launch the Open Mainframe Project. The project's aim is to grow the number of open source mainframe development tools and technologies.

So what do you think of LinuxONE?

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