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Previewing the IBM Insight Conference

October 13, 2015

I'm looking forward to the IBM Insight 2015 in Las Vegas Oct. 25-29. One thing that intrigues me about this conference is its variety of keynote sessions covering data management, advanced analytics, cloud computing, content management and more.

Of course, I'm particularly interested in DB2 for z Systems news and education. Dan Luksetich, one of my favorite speakers, has a presentation called "DB2 for z/OS DBaaS and the Advantages of Automated Objects (Session DDZ-1420)," which covers the changing roles of DBAs and system programmers in the DBaaS era.

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA), something I've written about frequently, is the focus of another session featuring prominent IBM customer Banco do Brasil and its use of replication. (Session DDZ-2300: "IBM DB2 11 and DB2 Analytics Accelerator Replication at Scale -- Incremental Update at Banco do Brasil.")

As an IT strategist and architect, I'll also check out the session on database provisioning (DDZ-2818: "Roadmap to the Cloud -- DB2 for z/OS Database Provisioning with z/OSMF.)

Here's the complete list of DB2 for z/OS-oriented sessions:

Audience: Practioners/Developers
1) DDZ-2483 -- All You Need to Know about Monitoring and Tuning of Dynamic SQL
2) DDZ-1519 -- Backup and Recovery in a Flash on DB2 for z/OS
3) DDZ-1420 -- DB2 for z/OS DBaaS and The Advantages of Automated Objects
4) DDZ-2869 -- DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing: Configurations and Common Issues
5) DDZ-1180 -- DB2 for z/OS Distributed Data Facility Questions and Answers
6) DDZ-1605 -- DB2 for z/OS Utilities Update
7) DDZ-1782 -- DB2 for z/OS: Keeping Up With Industry and Technology Trends
8) DDZ-1189  -- DB2 for z/OS: SQL for Real World Problems
9) DDZ-2462 -- How DB2 for z/OS Can Help Your Organization Avoid Security Breaches
10) LCD-3856 -- IBM DB2 for z/OS Performance Data: Technical Details
11) DDZ-2080 -- Keeping up With Technology Can be a Pain in The aaS
12) DDZ-1181 -- Modern DB2 for z/OS Physical Database Design
13) DDZ-1887 -- Native SQL PL Procedures: The Go To Solution for Simplifying Application Development at State Farm
14) DDZ-2580 -- Optimizing Complex Queries and Analytics on DB2 for z/OS
15) DDZ-2427 -- Real Time Analytics Query Performance with DB2 for z/OS
16) DDZ-2705 --Trace Records: The Answer to All DB2 for z/OS Performance Questions

Audience: IT Strategists/Architects
17) DDZ-2828 -- Citigroup Shares DB2 for z/OS Database Provisioning and DB2 11 Migration Experiences
18) DDZ-3849 -- DB2 11 Gold Standard for Performance in the New Era of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Security (CAMS)
19) DDZ-2190 -- DB2 Intelligent Autonomics and Advanced Holistic Interfaces
20) DDZ-2362 -- DB2 for z/OS Leadership in the Era of Cloud, Analytics and Mobile
21) DDZ-3235 -- DB2 for z/OS and DASD Based Disaster Recovery: Addressing the Myths and Misconceptions
22) DDZ-1516 -- DB2 for z/OS: The Data Server for Mission Critical, Secure Transactions in the Cloud
23) DDZ-2056 -- Deep Dive with Transparent Archiving in DB2 11 for z/OS
24) DDZ-2294 -- Externalizing Your Enterprise DB2 Data Through a Cloud Based Solution
25) DHS-2984 -- Hadoop on the Mainframe: Benefits of Hadoop for Linux on z Systems
26) DDZ-2532 -- How Vantiv Solves Their DB2 for z/OS Performance Monitoring and Tuning Challenges
27) DDZ-2300 -- IBM DB2 11 and DB2 Analytics Accelerator Replication at Scale: Incremental Update at Banco do Brasil
28) LCA-2611 -- IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: Application Acceleration with QMF and IBM InfoSphere DataStage
29) DDZ-1262 -- IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: The Revolution Continues
30) DIS-2656 -- IMS on IBM z Systems: Driving T2S Securities Settlement for Europe
31) DII-3384 -- Information Integration and Governance for IBM z Systems: Solution Road Map and Technical Details
32) DDZ-2315 -- Infrastructure Matters: An Unbeatable Combination with DB2 for z/OS and IBM z Systems
33) DDZ-1281 -- MasterCard and QMF: Providing Analytics for More Than DB2
34) DDW-3691 -- NLB: Extending DB2 Analytics Accelerator Use with New Product Capabilities
35) DDZ-2818 -- Roadmap to the Cloud: DB2 for z/OS Database Provisioning with z/OSMF
36) DHS-2333 -- Use Cases at the Intersection of IBM BigInsights and Enterprise Systems
37) DDZ-3975 -- Using Apache Spark With DB2 for z/OS and z Systems Data
38) DDZ-2328 -- Using Digital Certificates to Authenticate Against a DB2 for z/OS Server

Audience: Managers/LOB Professionals
39) DDZ-3112 -- IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS: Experience and Benefits at UBI Sistemi e Servizi

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