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The Future of Db2 Documentation: More PDFs, More Frequent Updates.

November 14, 2017

As I've noted a few times, I maintain a PDF library of Db2 for z/OS documentation. I just find it easier to search PDF docs as opposed to looking up information online.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only techie with an affinity for PDFs, but apparently I'm not alone in this regard. For years I'd heard rumors that IBM would no longer produce documentation in the PDF format. But just as I was losing hope, I recently found out that IBM will in fact be stepping up its PDF usage.

Just in the past month, Paul McWilliams saw one of my older posts on this and shared this update that he wrote for IDUG.

Based on Paul's information, I’m very excited to see PDFs have become important again. And rather than refresh these files just once or twice a year, IBM will provide regular updates, particularly when significant changes are made.

The PDFs will also be easier to find. For example, this is the link to the Db2 12 What’s New guide. Here's the link for the Db2 11 What's New guide. Note the consistent formatting of these URLs: the only difference is the numbers 12 and 11.

You'll find the date of the most recent update within the PDFs themselves. Just scroll to the bottom of page 4. I just checked the Db2 12 What’s New doc and it was published on Oct. 13, 2017. So again, that's pretty recent.

As great as these changes are, my hope is that, eventually, we'll be able to download, say, all Db2 product documentation PDFs from a single .zip file. Or perhaps there will be a way to make selections from a group of individual files and download them one at a time. But just having an option to download PDF versions of docs is what matters. I'm thrilled with this development.

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