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Mobile Apps for Mainframe Pros

March 6, 2018

Planet Mainframe recently provided a list of apps of interest to mainframe professionals. 
Unfortunately, the first app (listed as "IBM Redbooks") is no longer available. I actually wrote about this back in 2012, though I ultimately uninstalled it. Since then, I've been downloading Db2 for z/OS product manuals to my personal Dropbox account, where I have Acrobat Reader installed. This allows me to read the manuals from my phone or iPad.
Also featured in the Planet Mainframe post is IBM Doc Buddy. You can search messages and codes issued from IBM Z products online and offline. Doc Buddy V2 aggregates mainframe content, including news and videos. 
When I registered my email address, I was immediately alerted to notifications. Under a heading called "Red Alerts," there was a list of z-related critical defects, including some for Db2 for z/OS.
To wrap up, I'll add my own recommendation: the IBM Technical Support mobile app. I've had this installed for awhile, and it's great for keeping up with support issues or monitoring your service requests. There's also access to support videos and other features. When I used the search function to look for docs about JCL, I found lots of information and examples.
This app requires you to register a valid email address at If you haven't done this already, you should. It's easy and free.
If you use any mainframe apps?particularly those that aren't cited here?please mention them in comments.

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