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A Study of zparm Settings

March 20, 2018

Db2 for z/OS News from the Lab, the IBM developerWorks blog I mentioned last week, recently surveyed customers about their zparm settings.

As someone who's regularly asked about recommended zparm settings, I'm excited to get a glimpse of what customers are actually doing in this area. The report findings are based on responses from 400 production environments and 800 QA and development environments running Db2 11 or 12.

Each parameter has an accompanying graph that breaks down its usage. For example, with the PLANMGMT parameter, 55 percent of customers are using extended plan management and 15 percent are using plan management in basic mode, while the remaining 30 percent aren't using plan management. (It's my hope that at least some folks in that 30 percent will read this information and be persuaded to adopt plan management.)

The amount of detail provided, along with the comments and recommendations from IBM's Chris Crone, make it an entertaining and worthwhile read for any DBA or Db2 systems programmer. I encourage you to read it for yourself, and once you do, share your thoughts in comments.

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