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Moving to the DB2 Connect Client

July 5, 2016

Recently I’ve fielded a number of questions about the best use of DB2 Connect. Specifically, customers want to know if they should continue to use the DB2 Connect gateway or move applications toward a direct connection using the DB2 Connect client with IBM DB2 data server drivers.

IBM's preference is the latter: Customers should connect directly from the application on the client side using the data server type-4 drivers. The IBM Knowledge Center has a DB2 Connect overview that concludes with this statement:

It is strongly recommended that you use DB2 Connect client, notably the IBM data server drivers and clients, instead of the DB2 Connect server. IBM data server drivers and clients provide the same connection and application development functionality as the DB2 Connect server. However, you can reduce complexity, improve performance, and deploy application solutions with smaller footprints for your business users.

Anytime IBM uses the words "strongly recommended," take it seriously. IBM is moving in this direction and, to me, there are good reasons to do so: namely, reduced complexity, improved performance and a smaller overall application footprint. However, something that isn't mentioned that you need to understand concerns the licensing agreement when you move from the DB2 Connect gateway to the DB2 Connect client.

This blog post by DB2 Dean provides examples of the different DB2 Connect configurations and accompanying licensing agreements. In his final section (headed "Miscellaneous Topics"), Dean also mentions the IBM recommendation to eliminate the DB2 Connect gateway in favor of a direct connection.

In addition, my IBM colleague Robert Catterall, in this post, cites some issues with identifying the client's IP address as it passes through a DB2 Connect gateway. It's just another reason to consider moving away from the gateway. Robert also discusses the simplicity of migrating applications to a direct connection using the IBM Data Server Driver Package.

Have you made the move away from DB2 Connect gateway servers to direct client connection using data server drivers? Please share your experiences in comments.

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