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New Function Level 501: Continuous Delivery Makes its First Delivery

August 8, 2017

Db2 12 introduces continuous delivery. As I wrote here:

Making it possible for customers to rapidly put new features into production through normal maintenance is huge for the mainframe's continued viability. Businesses will now have a more positive view of running applications on DB2 for z/OS because they know they'll no longer have to wait years for required features.

The first incremental function level is 501 (from base level 500), made available through APAR PI70535. The IBM Knowledge Center maintains a list of new Db2 12 function levels.

The first released function level allows you to add the new SQL built-in function, LISTAGG, which produces a list of values in a group. An optional separator argument can delimit items in the result list. For example, specifying a comma as the separator produces a comma-separated list (as seen below). An optional ordering can also be specified for the items within the group.


While LISTAGG is a useful new feature, it's just the beginning as far as continuous delivery and Db2. The capability to acquire new features through maintenance is a big deal.

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