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Data Studio Tools Included in Data Server Manager 2.1

August 9, 2016

In January I wrote about IBM Data Server Manager, noting that the packaging and delivery of features is different for z/OS than it is for other supported platforms. Now that the latest version, Data Server Manager 2.1, is available, I want to get back to this.

The enhancements in Data Server Manager 2.1 for z/OS are focused around performance tuning and troubleshooting performance problems. In addition, equivalent Data Studio no-charge single SQL tuning features -- Statistics Advisor, Query Environment Capture, Access Path Graph -- have been added. This is important for customers who rely on Data Studio but don't want to have to install it on multiple machines. Now you can load these tools on one machine and provide enterprise-wide access.

Data Server Manager provides a single user interface that's integrated with these products when installed on z/OS:
  • Query Workload Tuner for z/OS V5.1 (stand-alone or DB2 Performance Solution Pack)
  • DB2 Configuration Manager for z/OS V5.1 delivered in DB2 Administration Pack
  • DB2 Utility Solution Pack V2.2

Here are some other Data Server Manager Version 2.1 enhancements:
  • The support process for DB2 for z/OS environments is improved by allowing users to capture both their query environment information and workload environment information, which can be sent to IBM support for analysis.
  • Users can now capture a statement from a DB2 for z/OS catalog package or cache and create a workload tuning job from the statement.
  • Users can now view the access plan graph of a statement from a statement cache, using the new View Runtime Access Plan Graph feature.
  • Users can now view the access plan graph of a statement from a catalog package, using the new View Bindtime Access Plan Graph feature.
This document provides a complete list of all Data Server Manager 2.1 enhancements, along with instructions on how to install or upgrade.

The product landing page has other information about Data Server Managere 2.1, including features, editions and supported platforms:

The current release of Data Server Manager delivers a lot at no-charge. You owe it to yourself to take some time to download and use the new performance tuning features. And let me know what you think in comments.

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