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A Brief History of Autonomics and DB2 for z/OS

August 11, 2015

While "autonomic computing" may sound like a futuristic term, it's been around awhile -- at least as it relates to DB2. IBM has supported autonomic function in DB2 for z/OS since the release of Version 9 in 2007.

Here's a quick rundown of autonomic features in the most recent DB2 for z/OS releases:

DB2 9
  • Autonomic reoptimization for dynamic queries using bind option REOPT(AUTO):  The statement is prepared and stored in the SQL cache. When literal values change, the statement access path is reevaluated and stored in the cache.
  • Autonomic system checkpoint: This feature monitors and issues checkpoints based on either time or number of log records.

Information found in DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS What’s New?

DB2 10
  • Real time statistics stored procedures monitor current statistics and determine if collection is needed. Collections are performed astronomically to help ensure overall application performance.
  • Enhanced REOPT(AUTO) reevaluates the statement when host variable place holders are used instead of literals. The value contained in the host variable is used to evaluate the access path.
Information found in DB2 10 for z/OS What’s New?

DB2 11
  • Autonomic creation of mapping table for online reorgs.
  • Index deletes: pseudo-empty index pages are deleted automatically.
  • Create tablespace FOR UPDATE clause: This allows page space to be managed by INSERT for variable length rows.
Information found in DB2 11 for z/OS What’s New?

Late last year, Craig Mullins authored a white paper on modernizing DB2 for z/OS with autonomics. He provides an excellent overview of autonomic computing and how IBM incorporates autonomic function into DB2. Craig also goes into the features that comprise an autonomic system (automatic, adaptive, aware, self-managing).

Another document that's worth your time is this recently released IBM Redbook on optimizing database administration with IBM DB2 Autonomics for z/OS.

Customers are asking IBM and other vendors for help in this area. As analytics become incorporated into new solution, I believe autonomics will continue to advance and fulfill critical business needs for mainframe customers.

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