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Moving to DB2 V9 Soon?

July 29, 2007

I recently presented a Webinar with Roger Miller titled, “Top 10 Reasons To Deploy DB2 V9 Now!” (Replay can be found at ). After presenting this Webinar, I’ve received some phone calls from several regional DB2 user groups asking me to come and present this information to their members.

It seems companies are really interested in getting to DB2 V9 as soon as possible. This is in contrast with DB2 V8. While V8 is more than three years old, the adoption has been slow because of hardware requirements and conversion to Unicode. I’m working with many companies that are in scramble mode trying to get to DB2 V8 this year.

DB2 V7 support end date has moved to June 2008. It’s taken many shops a year or more to complete the upgrade to DB2 V8. Since support for DB2 V7 ends June 2008, companies should have started their upgrades prior to June 2007. Remember that once you start the upgrade you have one year to complete it before


starts charging you for both DB2 V7 and DB2 V8 support.

You may think that going to DB2 V9 will be the last thing management wants to hear. However, from talking with people at the past


Information On Demand Conference and International DB2 User Group Conference it seems the adoption rate for DB2 V9 is going to be much quicker.

If you’re in the healthcare or banking industries, you may be installing DB2 V8 just to jump to DB2 V9 to get the native XML support for your service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects. You already have the hardware and software requirements in place to make this a fast upgrade. The immediate payback in reduced CPU is on the top of the list, along with the reduced DASD due to compressed indexes and the introduction of native XML for your SOA projects.

What is your company planning on doing and why? Post a comment; let me know.

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