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  • Planning for a Db2 for z/OS Upgrade: Application Testing
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  • Db2 12 Brings Enhanced Data Validation Capabilities to DSN1COPY
  • DB2 12 Continuous Delivery Model Webinar

    Software development on z/OS has traditionally adhered to tried and true practices to ensure that poorly constructed application code does not make it into production. In many shops we call these change control people the “gatekeepers.” Nothing gets past these individuals. Developers must rigorously test their code before an application or update goes live. Beyond that, fallback procedures must be devised in case there's a problem once the code is moved into production. On top of that, changes to production systems are subject to a strict schedule to ensure that no critical business event are interrupted.

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    Posted: September 06, 2016 |

    Greater Memory Already Making a Great Impact

    In November 2015 I wrote about the launch of DB2 12 for z/OS ESP, citing all the various enhancements DB2 has made by exploiting significantly greater amounts of available memory. Well, it isn't just DB2 12 that will benefit from additional memory to reduce CPU cost.

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    Posted: August 30, 2016 |

    Setting Special Registers Using Profiles

    DB2 11 introduced a powerful feature that allows you to set special registers for remote applications by creating a profile in the profile tables. Information on the install jobs used to create these tables, as well as rules for inserting rows into the tables, can be found in the DB2 Administration Guide or the IBM Knowledge Center.

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    Posted: August 23, 2016 |

    How DSN1COPY Improves Data Validation

    DSN1COPY is a high-performance copy utility that should have a place in every DBA's toolbox.
    DBAs love using DSN1COPY because it quickly copies files from one system to another. You just need to be careful about how to use it. Test out the process and make sure you understand the impact database changes have on your test system and production systems.

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    Posted: August 16, 2016 |

    Data Studio Tools Included in Data Server Manager 2.1

    In January I wrote about IBM Data Server Manager, noting that the packaging and delivery of features is different for z/OS than it is for other supported platforms. Now that the latest version, Data Server Manager 2.1, is available, I want to get back to this.

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    Posted: August 09, 2016 |

    Controlling DDF Threads using Profiles

    Recently I wrote about IBM's strategy to move customers from DB2 Connect Gateway to DB2 Connect Client. The customers I've heard from aren't happy with this development.

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    Posted: August 02, 2016 |

    Why You Should Move to Universal Table Space

    Almost six years ago, I wrote that the future for all DB2 data storage on z/OS will be Universal Table Space (UTS). The purpose of this post isn't to pat myself on the back, but to note that the future is here.

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    Posted: July 26, 2016 |

    Spark Takes Data Analysis to the Next Level

    I must admit that, until very recently, I'd never heard of Spark. But since it was such a big deal at this spring's IDUG NA conference --  an entire day was devoted to it -- I figured I should take some time and learn about it.

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    Posted: July 19, 2016 |

    RESTful APIs Unlock the Value of z/OS Assets

    If you work on the mainframe using z/OS and haven't heard of RESTful APIs, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Seriously, even though RESTful APIs are still a fairly new thing, they're already essential. If you don't know about them, ask the people on the distributed side of your business -- who I can assure you already rely upon them -- to help bring you up to speed.

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    Posted: July 12, 2016 |

    Moving to the DB2 Connect Client

    Recently I’ve fielded a number of questions about the best use of DB2 Connect. Specifically, customers want to know if they should continue to use the DB2 Connect gateway or move applications toward a direct connection using the DB2 Connect client with IBM DB2 data server drivers.

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    Posted: July 05, 2016 |

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