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  • A Goodbye, and Many Thanks
    May 29, 2018
  • IBM Redbook: Db2 12 for z Optimizer
    May 22, 2018
  • Extended Plan Management and Migration
    May 15, 2018
  • Submitting an RFE
    May 8, 2018
  • Db2 12 for z/OS Tools Compatibility
    May 1, 2018
  • Physical Data Modeling Using IBM Data Studio

    I haven't written about IBM Data Studio in awhile, so I thought I'd dig into the latest version. In addition to downloading version 4.1.1, I also downloaded the current version of DB2 Express-C (V10.5) so I could have a working database.

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    Posted: August 25, 2015 |

    A Look at NoSQL and Where It's Headed

    I first heard about NoSQL at an IDUG NA conference a few years ago. At the time, I wondered how DBAs using DB2 would benefit from it. However, now that DB2 supports NoSQL databases, its importance is apparent.

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    Posted: August 18, 2015 |

    A Brief History of Autonomics and DB2 for z/OS

    While "autonomic computing" may sound like a futuristic term, it's been around awhile -- at least as it relates to DB2. IBM has supported autonomic function in DB2 for z/OS since the release of Version 9 in 2007.

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    Posted: August 11, 2015 |

    DB2 11 OSE Enhancements

    For customers that support very large tables and require 24 X 7 availability, the capability to change the definition of a table without having to drop it or take an outage is critical. Recreating tables and reloading data represents a huge cost, in terms of both money and lost uptime.

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    Posted: August 4, 2015 |

    DB2 11 for z/OS Accelerator Only Table

    IBM continues to make improvements to its DB2 Analytics Accelerator at, yes, an accelerating rate. The company releases new features through its maintenance stream.

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    Posted: July 21, 2015 |

    NoSQL and JSON

    I've been doing some reading about NoSQL and how DB2 for z/OS will support it. This 2014 article examines the relationship between NoSQL and DB2 Java Scriipt Object Notation (JSON), and predicts that relational databases will begin to support JSON. This IBM Information APAR lists APARs to be applied to DB2 10 for z/OS in support of using JSON. Finally, I came across this great IBM developerWorks white paper about determining whether JSON or XML is right for a given task.

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    Posted: July 14, 2015 |

    A Word About Web Account Passwords

    Recently I was talking with my brother about the best way to store account user IDs and passwords. I trust my brother’s advice on this topic because at one point in his career he was a white-hat hacker.

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    Posted: July 7, 2015 |

    More on Safe Access Path Changes

    Last week I discussed some parameters that are designed to prevent poor access path changes following a REBIND. As a follow-up, I want to tell you about another new feature introduced in DB2 11 that allows you to not only see current access paths, but determine if a new REBIND will introduce a poor access path change.

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    Posted: June 30, 2015 |

    Avoiding Problematic Access Path Changes

    This message, with the subject “application performance issues,” was recently posted to the DB2 listserv.

    The gist of it is that an application that once took only a few minutes to run now requires more than 70 minutes to process. The application previously used three indexes, but after the rebind it doesn't. So what's the problem?

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    Posted: June 23, 2015 |

    Computers You Can Wear

    While posting about the new z13 IBM Redbook last week, I discussed some of the hottest topics in the technology marketplace. It's a certainty that more and more devices will continue to drive up data storage on z Systems.

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    Posted: June 16, 2015 |

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