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October 03, 2017

From time to time I'll share some random links to AIX documentation I find online or via Twitter. But I also regularly read certain individuals, some who write about Power/AIX and some who cover tech more generally. I thought I'd share that list here:

Jay Kruemcke currently works for SUSE, but you might have caught him at IBM technical conferences in standing-room only, NDA-required, AIX trends and directions sessions. That's my way of saying he's a popular speaker. His blog delves into the personal at times, as he explained back in 2011:

One of the reasons I started this blog is to give me an opportunity to discuss topics outside of just IBM AIX and Power Systems. One of my professional passions is product management – the process of creating and managing a product or offering from inspiration through launch, product maturity and eventually the withdrawal of the product. It is a way to “own” a piece of the business and put your own unique mark on a company.

The author of this blog chooses to remain anonymous. As he explains:

I’m my just a simple dumb sysadmin who loves Unix systems and who loves to blog.
I’m now blogging for more than seven years and it has always been for me a way to better understand the things I am working on and a way to share the knowledge. I do not do this for recognition or fame. It’s just my way to thanks all the people who are blogging around the world and to give back what they gave to me: knowledge

I do this for free. I do not accept any donation, or any offers related to money. This blog will stay ad free forever.

For some personal reasons my name will never appear on this website. I prefer to stay anonymous even if most of you will probably find a way to know who I am or already know my real identity.

Recent posts include “Managing a Docker Swarm Cluster with Prometheus” and “Building a Docker Swarm as a Service.”

Bartlomiej Grabowski writes about IBM Power Systems--IBM i as well as AIX:

First of all, I’m pleased to welcome you to my blog. My idea was to create a simple website, where a user can easily find information about IBM i/iSeries/System i/AS400 (so many names for the same system over the last 15 years), AIX, Virtual I/O Server, PowerVM features, and POWER Systems. There are a number of sites about VIOS and IBM i, but I couldn’t find one where PowerVM features are described from the IBM i perspective. I’m also going to publish some simple scripts, and programs which I think might be useful.

Now, let’s move on to some background info about me. My name is Bartlomiej Grabowski, and I’ve been working as principal system support specialist. Main areas of expertise include IBM i, AIX, PowerVM , VIOS, Power Systems hardware. Specifically, I have had the pleasure to work with solutions based on software, hardware replication, DS 8k, SVCs, independent ASP, and dozens of LPARs, and servers. Also, I have collaborated with IBM, and other experts creating several Redbook publications.

Recent posts covered administrative domains on IBM i and LUG 2017 at IBM Rochester.

Brian Krebs doesn't cover Power Systems, but his stories around the security field are usually very interesting and unique:

He's recently written about the Sonic, Deloitte and Equifax breaches. I also recommend checking out “Who is Marcus Hutchins” or "Twitter Bots Use Likes, RTs for Intimidation" to get an idea of the kind of information he provides.

Accelerate with IBM Storage lists upcoming calls around different IBM storage topics. Call replays are available if you can't listen live.

Of course I have to include Nigel Griffiths and Chris Gibson. Both write about new hardware, tools, tips and more.

Gareth Coates authors "Tips of the Power Masters." These are practical, easy to understand and easy to implement solutions.

The Linux on POWER blog has a self-explanatory name. Recent headlines include: “Red Hat now supports Containers on IBM POWER Systems” and “IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 11.0-0 released.”

These are my go-tos. Who do you read? Make your recommendations in comments.

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